K&K Mason Stone Supplies

Our company is a supplier of bricks, retaining walls, natural, cultured stone, paved stone, and mason supplies. Our main objective is to provide homeowners, contractors, architects, and landscape architects with what they need to create a lasting impression. As suppliers of many construction, landscape and building materials, we provide products, services, and supplies for the successful implementation of your project.

We serve New York as the largest Cambridge Pavers dealer on Long Island. We're located at 1159 Walt Whitman Rd., Melville, NY and for over 73 years we've provided customer service that ensures homeowners, contractors and landscape designers are supplied with quality materials and products.

Why Choose K&K Mason Stone Supplies

The real question is... Why not choose K&K Mason Stone Supplies? Simply put, we've been a trusted supplier of stone and mason supplies for decades!

  Trusted Supplier

We have a proven record over decades of offering Long Island, New Your quailty stone and mason products.

  Quality Products

We supply homeowners, contractors, building architects, and landscape designers with quality products from Cambridge®, Pangaea®, Rockmount™ and R-Stone products.

  Superior Customer Service

The K&K Mason Stone Supplies team is committed to providing superior customer service that ensures your projects are accomplished in the most stress-free fashion possible.

Contact K&K Mason for assistance with your stone supplies.

Whether wanting to explore product options or place a custom order, we're here to assist with superior customer service.